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Survivor Opt-In

Any survivor who has questions about the status of their sexual assault kit can contact the Iowa Victim Services Call Center. Trained advocates are available to assist survivors 24/7 with questions regarding the status of their case or the SAKI process in general. If a survivor is inquiring about the status of their case, the survivor should begin by contacting the call center. The opt in form will not provide updates on the status of a case.

If a survivor would like to receive notification of any updates regarding their kit, they may opt in to receive that notification by filling out the Survivor Opt-In form. The survivor may select the stages at which they would like to receive information if/when information becomes available. It is important to note that opt in notification will only occur for kits that are tested through this process. It is possible that a survivor who elects to opt in may not have a kit that is tested through this process. There are various reasons this can happen. Anyone who has opted in to notification and does not have a kit that is tested through this process will be contacted by a trained advocate at the conclusion of testing through this initiative. It is also important to remember that the testing of previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits is a process that will take time. Notification may not occur until some time after a survivor has opted in to the notification process. If a survivor is seeking more immediate information, they can contact the Iowa Victim Services Call Center to assist them.

If, as a survivor, you opted in to receive notification, you may decide at a later date to opt out of the notification process. At that time you may contact the Victim Service Call Center to change your notification preference and you may still request that your kit be considered for testing.

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